General rules

1. All are expected to speak English at all times in the school premises.

2. Use polite expressions like "Thank you", "Please", "Excuse me" and "Sorry" appropriately while interacting with others.

3. Every student of this school is expected to be courteous in talk and behaviour at all times.

4. All the students must reach the school well in time. Latecomers will have to get written permission from the Principal. Those who reach the school before time should sit in their seats in the classroom and study silently. Permission of the teachers in charge is required for going out before the first bell.

5. Students must come to school in clean, neat and in prescribed uniform. Hairstyle: Boys hair must be property cut and trimmed. Girls having short hair must make a ponytail with white hair band and those with very short hair must else a white hair band. Girls with long hair must make two plaits with white hair bush.

6. The students must greet the teachers whenever they meet them for the first time in the day. When a teacher enters the class, the students must keep standing until the teacher asks them to sit – down or occupies his/her seat. They shall thank the teacher at the end of the class. Students are not to entertain the teachers with gifts.

7. Every student is responsible for the safe custody of his/her belongs. The school will not be responsible for their loss.

8. Ornament / Jewellery of any kind are not allowed in the school except for small ear rings. Pupils should not bring large amount of money and mobile phone to the school. Nails must be short and clean. They must also be unadorned with nail polish.

9. All pupils while going to the assembly hall, play ground, laboratory or while returning to classes should maintain silence and perfect order.

10. The school reserves the right to compel the parents to withdraw their wards if their progress in studies is unsatisfactory of if their attendance is irregular or the conduct is harmful to other children.

11. The school building and premises should be kept clean and tidy. Any damage caused to school property or properties owned by others must be immediately reported to the principal and will have to be made good. The decision of the principal regarding the amount to be paid will be final.

12. Permission from the Principal/Vice principal is necessary for leaving the school premises during school hours.

13. No student will be sent with a relative / stranger unless a responsible person comes to fetch him / her with a note of authorization from his / her parent or guardian.

14. Parents or guardians are not allowed to see their children or interview teachers during school hours without the prior consent of the principal

15. Running, shouting and playing in classrooms and on veranda are strictly forbidden.

16. Pupils from one class are not allowed to be in other classroom during the interval.

17. All students should be particularly careful not to throw any papers, polythene covers, seed, etc. On the floor, in the school premises. The waste paper basket should be used for this purpose, Students may always take care that the notice boards, walls, furniture, glass boards, shelves etc. are kept neat and in order.

18. Students shall neither borrow nor lend money or exchange article.

19. No books, magazines or periodical / electronic gadgets other than school books may be brought in to the class.

20. When students move along the corridors to another class or while going up and coming down the stair case, the rule is KEEP LEFT.

21. It is compulsory on the part of the pupils to participate in co curricular and other school activities.

22. For a serious violation of the school regulations a student may be temporarily suspended according to the direction of the principal.

23. Lost article must be claimed from the school office within a week, after which period unclaimed articles will be disposed of.

24. Students should learn to cherish the sweet memories of their school life with love and gratitude and speak for their school.

25. Every student shall endeaver to keep up the high standard and morale of the school by excelling in studies, good manners and deportment.

26. Students suffering from contagious disease will not be allowed to sit in the class.

27. To obtain any certificates from the school, written application must be submitted in the office.

28. Parents are requested to meet the class teachers on open day to know about the progress of their wards and to sign the progress report. Parents / Guardians or other persons are never allowed to meet the student or teachers during class hours at the door of the classrooms. On emergencies they have to contact the principal.

29. Pupils who do not abide by the rules and regulations of the school will be dismissed from school even during the course of the academic year.

School hours

Timing : 9.00am - 3.40pm

Lunch Recess : 12.30pm - 1.00pm

Principal's office hours

(On school days only)

Timing : 9.00am - 3.30pm

Office hours for fees

(On School days only)

Timing : 9.00am - 1.00pm

( On Saturdays only )

Timing : 9.00am - 1.00pm




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